Reported Misrepresentation of Mila Cleaning Services

Mila Services are aware of a complaint lodged with the Covid-19 fraud hotline and would like to assure all our loyal staff, clients and partners that we had no part in any wrong-doing. We are fully committed to the fight against Covid-19 including the following of all restrictions and regulations during all levels of the National Lockdown. We have included the letter sent in response. If you have any further questions or queries please feel free to contact us directly.

Herewith wording of complaint forwarded to the fraud hotline:

Dear Madam/Sir

Covid-19 Contravention

The subject matter refers.

It has recently been brought to management’s attention that an individual/individuals posted a video on a social media platform in contravention of the Regulations in relation to the Disaster Management Act.

The aforesaid video posted on “tic tock” platform depicts an individual commuting and being stopped by a metro police officer, the individual then proceeds to mislead the metro officer by wearing one of our branded company uniforms in order to circumvent the Regulations.

Mila Cleaning Services its employees, clients and partners hereby wish to lodge an official complaint into the actions of the aforesaid individuals and requests that a formal investigation is instituted.

We wish to formally place on record that the individual/individuals in the “tic tock” production have never been nor are employed by our company.

Our rights in relation to the institution of civil and criminal action remain strictly reserved.

A copy of the video is attached for your perusal.

Should you require any further perspicuity herein, please do not hesitate to contact the writer.

Yours faithfully