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As part of our growth offering, Mila Services is accredited by various Sector Education and Training Authority’s (SETA’s) in order to offer short-courses and learnerships to employed and unemployed individuals. Through these partnerships we are providing the opportunity to upskill and empower individuals for growth and thus delivering on our mission.

With the accredited training from Mila Services companies are in a position to further empower their staff, to help unemployed youth expand their capabilities and to improve B-BBEE scores. Creating a career path ‘from employee to owner’ – as part of our empowerment drive – the Mila Services training offering assists people in becoming entrepreneurs in order to broaden their prospects and improve their lives.

Empower your staff

Upskill unemployed youth

Improve B-BBEE scores/ratings

“We are committed to creating growth through accredited training courses and learnerships”

We offer training in the following;

Mila Services offers learnerships in the following sectors listed below.


New Venture Creation (SMME) 2 & 4
National Certificate Generic Management 5
FETC Generic Management 4
GETC Domestic Services 1
Hygiene and Cleaning 1


Food and Beverage Services 4
Accomodation Services 2
Fast Food Services 3
FETC Tourist Guiding 4
FETC Professional Hunting 4
National Certificate Professional Cookery 4
Sports Management 4


Environmental Practice (Waste Management) 3 & 4
Fire and Rescue 5


Mixed Farming 2
Landscapping 4
Plant Production 4
Pest Control 4


Early Childhood Development 3 & 4
Diploma in Occupational Directed Education & Training Practitioners 5


SERVICES SETA: Hygiene and Cleaning (NQF1)


SERVICES SETA: New Venture Creation (SMME) (NQF 2 & 4)
SERVICES SETA: National Certificate Generic Management (NQF5)
SERVICES SETA: FETC Generic Management (NQF4)

Fire Fighting

LGSETA: Fire and Rescue (NQF5)


SERVICES SETA: GETC Domestic Services (NQF5)
CATHSSETA: Accomodation Services (NQF2)


CATHSSETA: Sports Management (NQF4)


CATHSSETA: FETC Tourist Guiding(NQF4)

Environmental Services

LGSETA: Environmental Practice (NQF3&4)

Pest Control

AGRISETA: Pest Control (NQF4)

Food & Beverages

CATHSSETA: Food and Beverage Services (NQF4)
CATHSSETA: Fast Food Services (NQF3)
CATHSSETA: National Certificate Professional Cookery (NQF4)

Professional Hunting

CATHSSETA: FETC Professional Hunting (NQF4)


AGRISETA: Mixed Farming (NQF2)
AGRISETA: Landscapping (NQF4)
AGRISETA: Plant Production(NQF4)


ETDP SETA: Early Childhood Development (NQF3&4)
ETDP SETA: Diploma in Occupational Directed Education & Training Practitioners (NQF5)

Our short-courses offered

Our tailor-made short-skills courses aim to effectively equip and empower trainees with various entrepreneurial skills and strategies. Mila currently offers the following qualifications and certifications:
National Certificate

New Venture Creation (SMME)
SAQA ID: 49648 NQF Level: 2

Generic Management
SAQA ID: 59201 LP 60269 NQF Level: 5

Education, Training and Development Practices
SAQA ID: 50333 NQF Level: 5

Further Education and Training Certificate

New Venture Creation
SAQA ID: 66249 NQF Level: 4

Generic Management
SAQA ID: 57712 LP 74630 NQF Level: 4

Generic Management
SAQA ID: 57712 LP 58344 NQF Level: 4

General Education and Training Certificate

Domestic Services
SAQA ID: 23853 NQF Level: 1

Hygiene and Cleaning
SAQA ID: 57937 NQF Level: 1

Management, supervisory & leadership.

The programme includes; Adding value & teamwork, Assertiveness – A reality, HIV/AIDS Awareness – Legal requirements, Change management, Communication centres, Consultative performance evaluation and many more.

Problem solving and decision making.

The programme includes; Dealing with half baked solutions, Empowerment – Dealing with policy constraints, Giving clear instructions, How to make a good decision, Problem solving and decision making, Resolving day to day conflict.

OD ETDP programmes.

The programme includes; Plan and conduct outcomes based assessments, Design outcomes based assessments, Design and conduct outcomes based assessments, Moderate outcomes based assessments, Skills development facilitation, Occupationally Directed Education & Training – Practitioner Level 4.

Labour relations programmes.

The programme includes; Disciplinary enquiries & CCMA case presentations, Dispute resolving mechanisms & arbitration, Employment equity & skills development – an overview, Implementing employment equity, Grievance handling, Harassment in the workplace and many more.

Training techniques.

The programme includes; On the job coaching skills, Training techniques – skills transfer, Training techniques – skills & knowledge transfer, Facilitation skills, Learning techniques.

Retail and franchise programmes.

The programme includes; Customer care, Hygiene & safety in a retail/food environment, Food Safety, Customer service skills, Food handling, Handling stock and many more.

Our Expert Team

Israel Mukwekwe

Israel Mukwekwe

Hennie Minaar

Hennie Minaar

Perfomance Ndlovu

Perfomance Ndlovu



BBBEE Verification

ISO45001:2018, Certificate of compliance

NCCA, Certificate of compliance

Services SETA, Accreditation of provider

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

CATHSSETA, Service provider


Rand per person for Recognition of Prior Learning


Rand per person for SETA Accredited Learnerships

Benefits for your business

  • Claim Back

    Claim back from Mandatory Grant based on actual SDL Contribution

  • Fund

    Apply for Discretionary Grant Funding

  • Rebates

    Claim Section 12H Tax Rebate

  • B-BBEE

    B-BBEE Scorecard Benefits


Mila has recently obtained an accreditation from CATHSSETA thereby increasing our qualification offering.


Encompassing Sports Management Services, Professional Cooking, Food and Beverage Services, Fast Food Services, Professional Hunting, Tourism Guiding, Accommodation Services and Professional Hunting. The tourism sector is the biggest economic contributor and its immense social and economic value continues to improve the lives of millions of people in South Africa. With this new qualification offering, Mila Services aims to promote growth and development of the tourism sector by developing the current workforce and assisting the unemployed through opportunities for employment.

We are honoured to work with amazing training partners